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About Prufrock:

Prufrock was started in South Africa in 2013 as a place where young and emerging African writers could publish short stories, poetry and long-form non-fiction. We’re not yet able to pay contributors ( and we aren’t paid either, and any funding or income we receive goes towards printing costs, distribution and our website), but we offer thorough editing and good design, in print and we work hard to make sure Prufrock travels far and wide. It’s currently stocked throughout South Africa, through Exclusive books and independent bookstores, as well as in Paris, at Shakespeare & Co., New York, at McNally Jackson, and London, at Prufrock Coffee.

Our writers have used their pieces to apply successfully for writing scholarships, including The Miles Morland Scholarship. They have won and be shortlisted for writing prizes including the Caine Prize and have gone on to publish poetry and short story collections, nonfiction books, and articles in the Sunday Times, The Guardian, The New Yorker and more, in some cases as a direct result of their work being seen in the magazine. We are happy to provide references or do competition legwork. Most of all, we want to see new stories told by new writers, edited and laid out to make them shine, and to create a magazine that is surprising and satisfying to read.



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  • We accept work from writers of any background, nationality and/or residence.

  • We accept work in any South African language.

  • Our maximum word counts are 6000 words for pieces of fiction, and 8000 words for non-fiction. Minimum word counts for both genres is 300 words.

  • Please send us up to three poems at a time. Your poems can be of any length.

  • We prefer to receive original work, i.e. work that has not been published before. If your work has been published before, please indicate how, where and when.

  • We're happy to publish excerpts from books, scripts, etc. Please indicate whether your submission is an excerpt.

  • Similarly, translations are welcome, as long as the source text and author is credited.

  • Please include a brief (40 words max) bio with your submission.