Helen Sullivan

Helen Sullivan is a writer, editor and one of the founders of Prufrock. She has been published on The New Yorker dot com, Guardian Australia and Casimir, where she wrote a column about technology and nostalgia, and has worked for the UN, Conde Nast and interned at Harper's Magazine. She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School's Publishing Program. She is from Johannesburg and currently lives in Sydney, where she works for the Walkley Foundation. 


Abdul-Malik Sibabalwe
Oscar Masinyana

Abdul-Malik Sibabalwe Oscar Masinyana is a writer, a linguist, one of the Founding Directors of Qaqa, and a Managing Editor of African academic journals at Routledge/Taylor & Francis Africa. The focus of his work is the preservation and intellectualisation of indigenous African languages and the promotion of African scholarship. He is also studying towards a Bachelor of Laws with a strong interest in Constitutional, Mercantile and International Law. 

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Genna Gardini

Genna Gardini is a writer based in Cape Town. She has won numerous awards for her work as a playwright and poet, including the DALRO New Coin Poetry Prize. Her debut poetry collection Matric Rage was published by uHlanga in 2015. Gardini was a 2016 Fellow at UCT's Institute for Creative Arts and currently works as a Drama lecturer at CityVarsity. 


Simone Haysom

Simone Haysom lives in Cape Town. Her narrative non-fiction has been published by Prufrock, adda, and in the collection Safe House: Explorations in Creative Non-Fiction. She is a past recipient of a Miles Morland Foundation scholarship and works as an independent researcher for think-tanks and universities. 


Nick Mulgrew

Nick Mulgrew was born in Durban to British parents in 1990. A Mandela Rhodes Scholar, he is the Deputy Chair of Short Story Day Africa, the publisher of uHlanga, and the author of two books, the latest of which is the award-winning collection of short fiction, Stations. He lives in Cape Town.


James King

James King is one of the founders of Prufrock and its art director. He has degrees in Fine Art from Michelis and English Literature from UCT. He works at Feenix, a crowdfunding platform for tertiary education in South Africa.


Rosie Mudge

Rosie Mudge is an artist and curator working in Cape Town. She graduated from the University of Cape Town's Michaelis School of Art in 2013. She has held and exhibited in numerous group shows in South Africa and Germany and is working towards her first solo exhibition to be held at Smith Gallery in February 2017.