Rosa Lyster: Prince John

Some lists from Rosa's new essay, which can be found here. It's the second in her plan to write one every week. 

Below, an extract in the form of some lists:

"Here is a sample. The date is the 10th of June. The list is exactly as it appears in the original document.

  • “Bon viveur
  • Stated occupation vs observed occupation
  • Silk cotton tree (ghosts)
  • JOHN 11:35 Jesus wept
  • Failure of imagination is a general term used to describe circumstances wherein something that was possible to predict or foresee was, in fact, not predicted or foreseen.
  • Hanna arendt – Eichmann in Jerusalem – a report on the banality of evil
  • Zhou Enlai – Mao’s second in command
  • “Racial hygiene” – eugenics
  • “to be thus is nothing but to be safely thus” – Macbeth
  • Colombian necktie”

Here is another. The date is the 22 August.

  • “The marchesa casati
  • Mary Vetsera – the mayerling incident “apparent suicide of the crown prince of Austria”)
  • Balthus (painter)
  • Bruce Davidson Brooklyn Gang
  • Library of Congress Recordings
  • The Alan Lomax Collection
  • 100 most frequently challenged books
  • The Regency (transition between Georgian and Victorian)
  • The ballad of Reading Gaol (Oscar wilde)
  • Cambridge Apostles”

One more, from May:

  • “Othello Act 5: “of one that loved not wisely but too well”
  • The Glasgow Ice Cream Wars were conflicts in the East End of Glasgow in Scotland in the 1980s between rival ice cream van operators, over lucrative territory and suggested use of ice cream vans as a cover for selling drugs. The conflicts involved daily violence and intimidation, and led to the deaths by arson of several members of the family of one ice cream van driver and a consequent court case that lasted for 20 years.
  • “I would never wear anything cheap unless I thought it was funny”
  • Saturnine: cold and steady in mood : slow to act or change b : of a gloomy or surly disposition …
  • A bellwether is any entity in a given arena that serves to create or influence trends or to presage future happenings.” "