Essay 12, Rosa Lyster

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From June:

  1. him: in his mid 50s, probably, sort of dad age, but did not necessarily appear to be an actual dad. not the kind of dad you would want, anyway. he looked like he used to have a ponytail until very very recently. his whole bearing and the way he even moved his head and shoulders seemed like he used to have a ponytail. he had a “peruvian” shirt (blue and purple stripes) on, and Black Jeans, and closed shoes, thanks god (he seemed like he would have clammy white feet with horrible toenails). i couldnt at all tell where he was from, sort of american but also south african. he looked like a visiting sociology lecturer at UKZN, a lot.
  1. we were standing in this poster shop called blackwell’s looking at which pictures i would buy to put on my wall if i had any money at all, and there was one banksy one, and i said, “oh jesus i *hate* banksy”, and rom said, “it’s just Typical that you would hate banksy. that is a Typical Rosie move.”